Celebrate Left Handedness!

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Are you left handed? Today celebrates you!

August 13th is Left Handers Day – when the approximately 10% of the population who have the ‘mano sinistra’ as their dominant hand get to shine. Fortunately being left handed is no longer considered something to be hidden away, or a bad habit to be corrected.

In a world which is predominately designed for the comfort and convenience of those who are right hand dominant, today is a chance for lefties to challenge their right handed colleagues to walk a day in their shoes. If you are right hand dominant, why not take the initiative to see today how well you would adapt to working with the opposite hand? Or for a shorter challenge treat a left handed friend, colleague or family member to a coffee or cold drink, while using only your non-dominant hand for the time.

Are you sending someone off to school who is a leftie? This mug makes a fun gift, especially if it’s filled with chocolate, coffees, hot chocolates or other tasty treats.

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