Hard Candy


Per Pound


Weather plays an important part in hard candy production.  Too much humidity equals a hot sticky mass which no matter how it’s cut will quickly begin clumping back together.  Not the ideal situation for candy drops.  Most find it preferable to be able to actually fit each sweet treat in their mouth. A similar challenge applies when making the hard centres for our dark chocolate cinnamon sticks, milk chocolate butter crunch and peanut brittle.

So when weather permits we offer:

  • Horehound drops
  • Humbug drops – in stock
  • Molasses Humbug drops
  • Cinnamon drops
  • Clove drops
  • Anise drops
  • Butterscotch drops
  • Wintergreen drops
  • Peanut Brittle

All candy drops price at $8.99 per bag.  Peanut brittle packages are individually priced.