Cinco de Mayo Weekend

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Happy Cinco de Mayo Weekend!

The Aztecs were first to use cocoa beans. They enjoyed a drink where cocoa beans and water were mixed with cornmeal, hot pepper and spices. To honour this and celebrate Cinco de Mayo we have Aztec Chocolate fudge. Our smooth chocolate fudge is mixed with hot pepper and cinnamon, giving three stages of flavour – cinnamon first quickly followed by chocolate, then finishing with a hit of hot pepper.

In gourmet foods we have a few different options to add a bit of spicy flair to your meals. Gourmet du Village offers a cheesy Nacho baked dipped seasoning, fajita seasoning and Chili Seasoning. They also have a Guacamole seasoning mix, a perfect companion for chips or as an added topping on tacos.

New this tear we also have a Margarita drink mix from Gourmet du Village. We have two types available a classic margarita mix as well as a Coconut Lime Margarita mix. These pair perfectly with the citrus salt rimmer to help elevate your drinks.

Come in and check out all the different seasonings and treats we have available in store.

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