The original Red Hats of Courage line of figurines by Vanmark were so well received the company quickly increased their offerings honouring firefighters. Soon after came the Blue Hats of Bravery honouring police services.  Before long figurines for nurses, doctors, pharmacists, dentists, vets, teachers, lawyers and more developed.

Now many of the different Vanmark lines have been retired.  We still have pieces available in these groupings, however supplies are limited.  Pieces come complete with their original packaging and are priced at their original Canadian retail value.



Blue Hats of Bravery (Police)

89624 Liberty for all 100.00
88898 Man in Blue 65.00
89622 Policeman standing with flag (commemorative) 75.00

Deans of Dentistry (Dentist)

DD82420 All Set 60.00

Masters of Learning (Education)

81835 Open Your Books 65.00
81750 The Crush 65.00
81753 The Graduation 65.00
81773 Today’s Lessons 60.00

Masters of Miracles (Doctors)

94153 Good News 70.00
91426 Injury Time Out 65.00

Red Hats of Courage (Firefighters)

88490 Firemen Marching 75.00
88363 Gallantry 189.00
89508 Image of Hope II 229.00
88657 Safe From Harm 75.00
88101 Special Thanks: girl/doll giving fire man a kiss 65.00

Vet Care (Vet)

VE81812 Parrot Prognosis 60.00

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