Seasonal Specialty Candy


As Christmas approaches the colder weather (usually) sets in. While not popular with many it is a candy maker’s delight. Excellent timing, as we have some extra special hard candy treats at that time of year.

Candy Canes

Our hand made candy canes travel far and wide to add an extra touch of sweetness to the Christmas season. Hot candy is pulled on an old-fashioned candy hook until it is a glistening white. This also incorporates lots of air for added crunchiness.

Coloured stripes are added – red for peppermint, red and green for wintergreen. While traditional store bought candy canes are peppermint, at Candies of Merritt we find our milder wintergreen canes are the most popular by far.

Each candy cane is pulled and crooked on marble tables by hand. Our smallest candy canes dwarf machine pulled ones. Need a three foot candy cane? We can do it – but have a plan for how it is getting to its destination in one piece.

Christmas Cutrock

Every year we have customers come in to the store saying ‘I remember seeing this as a child’ when our colourful Christmas cutrock hits the shelves. A mix of fruit (cherry and tangerine), plus mint and spice (peppermint, wintergreen and cinnamon) flavours there is something for everyone. Another cheerful addition to Christmas gatherings.

Candy Coal

Is there someone on your Christmas list who merits a lump of coal? Look no farther, we offer anise flavour candy coal to meet the need. Another traditional hand made candy, it so closely resembles actual coal customers have asked why we were selling it in our store.

Christmas Candy Ribbon

Another traditional candy which brings back memories for many is our hand made ribbon. Striped a cheerful red and green to denote the very popular wintergreen flavour, this artistic candy adds a decorative touch to any gathering.