As a family run business, Candies of Merritt has a lot of freedom when it comes to filling the store with gifts. One of these exciting lines we have chosen to carry are the wood clocks and buildings from Ginger Cottages in Virginia. Made in the U.S.A., these laser cut and etched wood pieces are assembled and painted by hand. They also have a licensing agreement with Coca-Cola to produce a line of Coke themed ornaments and buildings.

Most of these pieces are ornaments that can be hung on your tree and can also be lit up from the bottom using any light from your tree.

Clock Tower
2.5″ l X 2.5″ w X 5.5″ h

Nativity Chapel
3″ l X 3″ w X 5.25″ h

Pretzel Shop
5.25″ l X 2.25″ w X 3.75″ h

Train Depot
3.75″ l X 3″ w X 3″ h

North Pole Firehouse
3.5″ l X 3.75″ w X 4″ h

Santa’s Workshop
3.25″ l X 3.25″ w X 4.25″ h

Band Organ
” l X ” w X ” h

Gingerbread Musical
” l X ” w X ” h

Santa Clock
” l X ” w X ” h

Coca Cola Ginger Cottages

Coca-Cola Six Pack
2.75″ l X 0.5″ w X 3″ h

Coca-Cola Panel Van
4.75″ l X 1.5″ w X 2.75″ h

Coca-Cola Santa
3.25″ l X 0.5″ w X 4.25″ h

Coca-Cola Soda Shop
4.75″ l X 2.5″ w X 3.5″ h

Coca-Cola Gas Station
4″ l X 4″ w X 3.75″ h

Coca-Cola Vintage Menu Clock
8.5″ l X 15″ h

Illuminating Bases

If you are looking to display your cottages on a shelf or table and still want them illuminated we have bases which contain a battery operated tea light to illuminate your cottages.

  • Heart Illuminating Base – $19.00
  • Gingerbread and Peppermints Illuminating Base – $19.00
  • Gingerbread and Snowflake Musical Illuminating Base – $37.00

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