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Only the southern most areas in Ontario can grow the Canadian peanut. The combination of a more temperate climate along with the sandy soil on the north shore of Lake Erie make this region a fertile field for growing redskin peanuts. Smaller in size than American varieties, they are nonetheless full of flavour. We roast and salt these peanuts in small batches for sale in store.

Peanuts, salted – $6.49 per pound

200 gram vacuum sealed packages of flavoured peanuts ($6.49 per package) roasted and flavoured at the farm itself:

  • Chili Lime
  • Dill
  • Mild Cajun

In addition to their mainstay crop of redskin peanuts, some black skin peanuts are also grown and roasted at the farm. A rarer variety, they are also quite flavourful, making a great savoury snack.

  • Sea Salt and Black Pepper – sold out