Loose Tea Discovery Packs


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Come discover the variety of loose leaf tea we carry. Whether you are a fan of traditional blacks, flavoured blacks, flavoured greens, flavoured rooibos or herb and fruit tisanes, there is an option to try. Vacuum packed in resealable black pouches for freshness, each bag makes between 35 and 50 cups of tea.

Need something to hold loose tea leaves?  We sell an assortment of tea balls and tea bags, as well as measuring scoops. Plus we have various sizes of teapots available for purchase.

Black Loose Leaf Teas

$12.99 Each

Whether you prefer a classic black tea or are a little more adventurous and like to try flavoured black teas we have a variety of options.

English, Irish and SCottish Breafast teas

Breakfast Teas
English, Irish, Scottish

Buckingham Palace Garden Party, Cream Earl Grey and Earl Grey Teas

English Favourites
Buckingham Palace Garden Party, Cream Earl Grey, Earl Grey

Maple and blueberry flavoured black loose leaf tea

Canadian Flavoured Teas
Maple, Blueberry, Ice Wine

Flavoured Teas
Chocolate Mint, Mango Mist, Monk’s Blend

Vanilla Chai Loose Leaf Tea

Chai Teas
Vanilla Chai

Green, Rooibos and Herbal Teas

$12.99 Each

We also have a selection of loose leaf tea in Green, Rooibos and, Herbal in a variety of flavours. Rooibos and Herbal teas are Caffeine free.

Jasmine with Flowers, Long Island Strawberry, Sencha Kyoto Green Loose Leaf Tea

Green Teas
Jasmine with Flowers, Long Island Strawberry, Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose

Bella Coola, Berry Berry and, Peppermint loose leaf tea.

Herbal Teas
Caffeine Free
Bella Coola, Berry Berry, Peppermint

Bourbon Street Vanilla and Creme Caramel Rooibos Loose Leaf Tea

Rooibos Teas
Caffeine Free
Bourbon Street Vanilla, Crème au Caramel