2024 Chocolate Covered Strawberry Season Is Here!

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Much to our delight the 2024 Chocolate Covered Strawberry Season is here already! The opening of our local strawberry season is well ahead of the last several years. This means everyone gets to enjoy the delicious combination of farm fresh strawberries and our rich milk chocolate that much sooner. Oftentimes it is questionable whether or not they will be available for Father’s Day weekend. This year? No problem! (Okay, if it is a problem we’ll have had one of the shortest berry seasons on record, which would be very sad.)

Each morning we start by washing fresh berries while our chocolate is melting. After they are stemmed and gently blotted dry it is go time. The berries are completely covered in chocolate, which is why they are best eaten day the are dipped. They are usually available in the chocolate cabinets by 12 pm.

Monday through Saturday we dip strawberries in milk chocolate. Once and a while we will randomly dip a few into dark chocolate, but definitely not every day. We can do custom orders for dark chocolate ones with enough notice. A limited number of berries are dipped each day. Need a bigger order, or an earlier pick up time? Let us know, we’ll do our best to work it out with you. Feel free to pre-order even smaller amounts, we hate to see people disappointed when they are craving a taste of summer.

The local berry season only lasts a short time, so be sure to get these delectable treats while they last. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the 2024 chocolate covered strawberry season.

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