For 34 years Lilliput Lane has brought the world miniature buildings of impeccable detail. Whether a lovely country cottage or a building of historical significance, the artists craft each piece with the utmost care. While the vast majority of pieces replicated are concentrated in the British Isles, over the years a small number of international buildings have been offered, including the Taj Mahal (India), Jaghutte (Germany) plus the American Landmarks collection and Ray Day’s Coca-Cola collection (USA).

It was with deep regret on August 11th 2016 the company announced it was in the process of closing down its factory in Langholm, Scotland, marking the end of production for this impressive architectural line. Collectors started receiving their notices shortly thereafter.

Since this announcement our selection of Lilliput Lane architectural figurines has been lessening, as people are hurrying to acquire pieces while they can be found. We have over 120 different pieces in stock, but supplies of each are limited. We ship all over the world.

For your convenience search either our alphabetical listings, or track down a piece by its country or county location. We are trying to remove pieces from the website quickly after they sell to ensure accuracy.

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