Fully jointed mohair bears are becoming increasingly hard to find.  Merrythought and Gabrielle Designs both prided themselves on providing excellent quality teddy bears completely manufactured in England.

With the retirement of Shirley Clarkson – one of Gabrielle Designs (GD) founders – the company ceased production in the late 1990s.  We are fortunate enough to have Aunt Lucy available for purchase.

Merrythought (M) is now the sole English manufacturer of teddy bears, proudly maintaining its tradition of handmade excellence, with over 80 years at their original Victorian factory at the World Heritage Site of Ironbridge, Shropshire.

In the late 1990s Merrythought made a series of Winnie the Pooh mohair bears for sale in Canada.  We still have a few of these exclusive bears available, mint in box at original retail pricing.

Classic Winnie the Pooh (M) 295.00
Large Mohair Bear (M) 395.00
The Out and About Winnie the Pooh Mohair Bear (M) 299.00
Winnie the Pooh – Where it all began (M) 299.00



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