In January 2000 artist Susan Lordi introduced her first Willow Tree® sculptures to the collectibles world. She began humbly with 12 small and 3 large angels, the 6 piece nativity set and 1 figure. Many of these are still in production today.

This subtle yet effective line has grown, capturing the imagination of many. As a result several more sculptures of people have been added, the majority of which focus on family. Angels remain popular, leading to more of her winged creations. The line has greatly expanded their ornament collection in recent years along with adding new pieces to the original nativity grouping.

Each piece is hand carved by Susan Lordi, using friends and family as her models to freeze a particular feeling or moment in time. From this original work each piece is cast, then painted by hand in gentle colours before any final touches are added.

We carry a large selection of the Willow Tree® line, complete in original boxes at Canadian retail pricing. Since the line is so extensive we have broken the lists down into separate categories for your convenience.

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