Maple Products


Whether you are travelling or enjoy the taste of maple we have a few maple products to help meet your needs. From the classic maple syrup to maple candies to maple butter and caramel there are plenty of options to choose from as gifts or to enjoy yourself on or in desserts.

Maple Syrup

Popular for travellers, classic maple syrup comes in a plastic jug or glass shaped leaf bottle in a range of sizes.

Maple leaf shaped 50ml bottle maple syrup

50ml Maple Syrup Leaf Shaped Bottle
$7.95 Each

100ml maple leaf shaped bottle of maple syrup

100ml Maple Syrup Leaf Shaped Bottle
$14.95 Each

250ml jug of maple syrup

250ml Maple Syrup Jug
$10.50 Each

Maple Treats

From popcorn to candies there are sweet maple products that are easy to be enjoyed. Perfect for gifts while travelling or visiting friends and family abroad.

maple syrup sucker

Maple Syrup Sucker
$2.95 Each

maple sugar candies 5 pieces

5 piece Maple Sugar Candies
$7.95 Each

Maple Popcorn
$4.99 Each

maple syrup hard candies

Maple Hard Candies
$8.99 Each

Maple flakes

Maple Flakes
$11.95 Each

Maple Dressings

These maple toppings make great gifts for those who love to cook.

Maple butter

Maple Butter 160g
$11.95 Each

Maple caramel

Maple Caramel 160g
$8.95 Each

Maple butter, maple caramel, maple syrup mini jar trio

Maple Butter, Caramel, Syrup Mini Jar Trio
$14.95 Each

maple and raspberry vinagrette

Maple and Raspberry Vinaigrette
$15.95 Each

Maple Drinks

Classic hot chocolates and teas infused with maple to add a Canadian touch. Perfect for those cooler days and evenings.

Maple Hot Chocolate
$1.49 Each

Maple Hot Chocolate
$1.49 Each

Maple Black Tea
$11.99 Each

Maple Herbal Tissane
$11.99 Each