Flavoured and Plain Bars


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Sometimes you just want a solid piece of chocolate.

Our dark chocolate contains no milk which is great for people with milk allergies.  For those people cream centres are definitely not an option.  So in addition to our offerings of pure milk and dark chocolate bar, a selection of flavoured bar are available.

  • Plain bar
  • Almond bar
  • Mint bar
  • Orange bar – only in dark chocolate
  • Pretzel bar
  • Crunch bar – only in milk chocolate
  • Almond-Cherry bar – only in dark

Priced at $32.95 a pound, choose whatever amount you want,  whether a piece in a bag or a loose pack box in the half pound, pound or pound and a half size.

Needing a little fancier presentation?  We offer only one size of gold bow box for solid bar.

  • large (1/4 pound) gold bow box – $9.95
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