At Candies of Merritt we are pleased to carry Springbok Puzzles. Springbok is the oldest brand of puzzles made in the USA. Highly respected, they use 18% thicker chipboard than the average puzzle. This makes them more durable and less prone to the bending or tearing of small parts, allowing puzzle fans the enjoyment of doing them again and again. Many consider their puzzles collectors items and will not part with them.

Springbok provides added challenge in their puzzles with uniquely shaped pieces for your puzzle time pleasure. In any puzzle no two pieces are alike. An environmentally conscious company, Springbok uses 100% recycled materials along with vegetable or soy based inks.

We have a number of different styles, including some Christmas and winter themes, in either 500 or 1000 piece counts. If you are looking for a more family oriented puzzle we do have a couple of 400 piece styles available with three different sizes of pieces.

Click Here For 1000 Piece Puzzles

400 Piece Springbok Puzzles
$24.95 Each

Candy Galore 400 Piece Springbok Puzzle

Candy Galore

500 Piece Springbok Puzzles
$24.95 Each


Snack Treats


The Boat House

Short And Sweet

Carbonated Colours

Crayola Twist 500 Piece Springbok Puzzle

Crayola Twist

Dripping in Colour

Crafty Colours Puzzle

Crafty Colours

christmas night lane puzzle

Christmas Night Lane

Christmas House 500 Piece Springbok Puzzle

Christmas House

1000 Piece Springbok Puzzles
$29.95 Each

Collector’s Closet

Loonsong Bridge 1000 Piece Springbok Puzzle

Loon Song Bridge

Log House Retreat 1000 Piece Springbok Puzzle

Log House Retreat

golden days puzzle

Golden Days

Diner 1000 Piece Springbok Puzzle


Lakeside Serenity Puzzle

Lakeshore Serenity

The Library 1000 Piece Springbok Puzzle

The Library

Artist’s Table

Crafty Christmas Crayola 1000 Piece Springbok Puzzle

Crafty Christmas

merry main street puzzle

Merry Main Street

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