Hard Centres


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Per Pound


Looking for something harder but not a fan of nuts?  Try out some of our other hard centres.

  • Butter Crunch – only in milk chocolate – out of stock
  • Cinnamon Sticks – only in dark chocolate
  • Peanut Brittle – only in milk chocolate
  • Pretzels

Priced at $39.95 a pound, choose whatever amount you want.  Whether a few in a bag or a loose pack box in the half pound, pound or pound and a half size, these hard centres will satisfy your tastebuds.

For a little fancier presentation, we offer our gold bow boxes.

  • small gold bow box – 2 chocolates – $5.95
  • large (1/4 pound) gold bow box – $12.95

Note:  Most hard centres on this page are too large to fit into the small gold bow box.  In some cases the large gold bow box will only hold two pieces of chocolate.