Priscilla Hillman’s adorable Cherished Teddies first appeared in 1992. Originally a small collection they quickly gained an avid following of teddy bear lovers around the globe. From humble beginnings Priscilla and her son Glenn have created a collection numbering in the thousands.

Each inspired drawing is transformed into a three dimensional mould from which the resin piece emerges. Artists hand paint every piece following the specifications given on original sketches. Complete with under stamps the finished figurines are packed into boxes and sent off to stores worldwide.

As their numbers increased earlier pieces began to have production suspended, or were retired outright. Other figurines were made in limited production runs, or as exclusives to certain regions or countries, making them of added interest to collectors.

Here at Candies of Merritt we have a large number of out of production Cherished Teddies available in their original packaging at Canadian retail pricing. Search our alphabetical or catalogue number listings for the treasure you seek.

Don’t see it on a list? Doesn’t hurt to check with us anyway – it’s a challenge to keep up with the larger lines.

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