L2426 Jack’s Corner 90.00 Oxfordshire
LL0252 Jaghutte 110.00 Artland, Germany
L2702 Joys of Spring 200.00 Herefordshire
L0797 Lazy Days 100.00 Oxfordshire
L0737 Leagrave Cottage 95.00 Buckinghamshire
L2090 Lilac Lodge 100.00 Dorset
L2570 Little Garden Party 100.00 Oxfordshire
L2688 Little Rain Drop 85.00 Kent
L2113 Mangerton Mill 300.00 Dorset
L2202 Midhurst 160.00 Sussex
L2170 Millennium Gate, The 800.00 Gloucestershire
L2073 Mmmm…Just Like Home 150.00 Coca-Cola Country (USA)
L2837 New Home 55.00 Essex
L3739 No Place Like Mum’s 88.50 Hertfordshire
L3293 Old Life Boat Station 53.00 Cornwall
L3572 Old Pepper Pot, The 60.00 Norfolk
L2953 Old Tom’s Timeless Tavern 55.00 Devon
L2974 Olde Cob Cottage 75.00 Oxfordshire
L0412 Otter Reach 45.00 Devon
L3653 O’ Christmas Tree – 2014 ornament 45.00 Oxfordshire

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Lilliput Lane Little Rain Drop L2688
L2688 Little Rain Drop, Kent
Lilliput Lane No Place Like Mum's L3739
L3739 No Place Like Mum's, Hertfordshire
Lilliput Lane Old Tom's Timeless Tavern L2953
L2953 Old Tom's Timeless Tavern, Devon

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