L2638 Taj Mahal 150.00 India
L2996 Tea Cosy Cottage 90.00 Warwickshire
L2297 Temple Bar Folly 70.00 Hertfordshire
L3249 Temple of the 4 Winds 50.00 Buckinghamshire
L2585 The Chocolate Box (CC) 95.00 Birmingham
L3487 The Corner Shop 72.00 Coronation Street
L3256 The Donkey Stable (CC 2010/11) 100.00 Cheshire
L3489 The Duckworths 72.00 Coronation Street
L2410 The Enchanted Garden (CC 2001/02) 200.00 Hampshire
L0622 The Greengrocers 130.00 Gloucestershire
L3727 The Hop Pickers 69.00 Devon
L3490 The Kabin 60.00 Coronation Street
L3012 The Kissing Gate 90.00 Bedfordshire
L2843 The Manor Garden (CC2005/06) 200.00 Dorset
L2373 Tower Bridge Plaque 70.00 London
L3283 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 35.00 Essex
L2497 Two Pints, Please (Collectors Club 2002/03) 200.00 Worcestershire
L0866 Wash Day (CC 1996/97) 70.00 Suffolk
L3052 We Wish You a Merry Christmas 360.00 Berkshire
L0630 Wedding Bells 90.00 Yorkshire
L0894 We’ve Got It (Or They Don’t Make It) 130.00 Coca-Cola Country (USA)
L3517 Winter Last In Line 53.00 Shropshire
L2204 Witley 160.00 Surrey
L2878 WOM 45.00 Cheshire
L2951 Ye Olde Jug 90.00 Cambridgeshire
L3321 Yuletide Feast 87.50 Buckinghamshire

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