Collectors often are looking for Lilliput Lane figurines from a specific country.  We’ve organized our inventory to help.

L0252 Jaghutte 110.00 Germany (Artland)
L2638 Taj Mahal 150.00 India
L3384 Perfect Christmas 40.00 Isle of Wight
L0895 A Cherry Coke – Just the Prescription 130.00 Coca-Cola Country (USA)
L0680 Birdsong, The 120.00 American Landmarks, Missouri
L0896 Fill’er Up and Check the Oil 130.00 Coca-Cola Country (USA)
L0892 Hook, Line and Sinker 130.00 Coca-Cola Country (USA)
L2073 Mmmm…Just Like Home 150.00 Coca-Cola Country (USA)
L0518 Santa’s Corner 50.00 Coca-Cola Country (USA)
L0894 We’ve Got It (Or They Don’t Make It) 130.00 Coca-Cola Country (USA)

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Lilliput Lane Jaghutte L0252
L0252 Jaghutte, Germany
Lilliput lane Hook Line and Sinker
L0892 - Hook Line & Sinker, Coca-Cola Country

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