Mother’s Day is Sunday May 14th 2023.

Mother’s Day is coming up and here at Candies of Merritt we have many gift ideas to treat your Mom and Grandma and show them how much they mean to you.

Not only do we have a wide selection of chocolates, fudge, candy, tea, and gourmet foods we also have giftware pieces from different lines such as Cherished Teddies, Willow Tree and, Precious moments among others.

To go along with our large selection of chocolates, fudges and candy we have a few special chocolate novelties and arrangements made up especially for Mother’s Day.

Milk Chocolate Roses
$2.95 Each

Milk Chocolate MOM or MUM
$18.95 Each

Heart or Spring Mug Filled with Assorted Chocolates
$29.95 Each

I Heart Mom, Milk Chocolate
$33.95 Each


Spring Glass Filled With Chocolate
Glass and Chocolate Flavours may vary
$35.95 Each

Mug with Tea Arrangement
Mug and Tea Flavours may vary
$38.95 Each


Mugs make the perfect gift and can also be paired with a range of things such as chocolates, tea, coffee, hot chocolate or candy.

  • Mom, the Original Source of My Good Looks – $17.95
  • Mom I Get it Now Mug – $16.95
  • Mom’s Mug – $15.95
  • The Best Moms Get Promoted to Grandma
  • PS. You’re Going To Be a Grandma
  • PS. I Love You Grandma
  • Special Grandma

Mugs with Decorative Boxes
$18.95 Each

  • Green Leaf Design – Sold Out
  • Bird of Paradise/Orchid Design
  • Purple Lavender Design
  • White Rose Design
  • Flower Basket Bicycle Design
  • Purple Tulip Design

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