Father’s Day is Sunday June 21st and here at Candies of Merritt we have many gift ideas to treat your Dad and Grandpa and show them how much they mean to you.

Does your Dad like to cook or barbecue? We have a wide selection of different Gourmet Foods to help them experiment with new flavours in the kitchen or on the grill.

Does your Dad have a sweet tooth? We have you covered there as well. We have a large selection of different candies, chocolates and, fudges to satisfy any sweet craving.

We also have a selection of different giftware and collectible pieces if you are looking for something to keep.


Mugs make the perfect gift and can also be paired with a range of things such as chocolates, tea, coffee, hot chocolate or candy. Our Name is Mud mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and feature bright and colourful designs. Each mug holds 16 oz. and are priced at $15.95 each.

Willow Tree

Over the years the Willow Tree line has grown to include a wide range of figures depicting the relationship between a mother and child. From baby to adult there is a piece which portrays that special relationship through every stage of life. Each Willow Tree figurine includes a card with a heartfelt sentiment to help convey mow much your mom means to you. Each piece comes packaged in its original box.

  • Father and Daughter  Celebrating the bond of love between fathers and daughters
  • Father and Son Celebrating the bond of love between fathers and sons
  • Grandfather  – Bridging generations with ageless love
  • New Dad In awe and wonder of what’s to come
  • That’s My Dad – My favourite time is with you 

Cherished Teddies

Over the years Cherished Teddies have made. a range of pieces to celebrate dads.

  1. I’ve Always Cherished Your Love and Guidance – $30.00
  2. I Love Dad – $22.00
  3. Dad For All You Do, This Day’s For You – $24.00
  4. Dad, You Help my Dreams Take Flight – $33.0o
  5. When I Need a Hug I Run to Dad– $21.00
  6. My Dad’s the Best and Deserves the Rest – $33.00

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