Truffle preorders were to be placed by February 6th 2021. Due to great demand we made a second small batch of just chocolate flavoured Truffles. Everything has sold out.  Thank you so much for your support!

Once a year in time for Valentine’s Day we make our specialty truffles. This three day process starts with plenty of fresh cream and lots of milk and dark chocolate. Every batch is carefully blended, then mixed into different flavours before being rolled by hand into little balls and hand dipped in chocolate. Since there is so much fresh cream and we do not use preservatives our truffles have a short shelf life meaning we can’t make them too far in advance.

There are five flavours to choose from, dipped in either milk or dark chocolate.

  • Chocolate – sold out
  • Mint – sold out
  • Amaretto – sold out
  • Orange – sold out
  • Raspberry – sold out

Truffles are available in the box sizes below

Chocolate truffles Flavours

Gold Bow Box of 2

Gold Bow Box of 6

Heart Box of 12

Square Box of 14

Square Box of 25

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