World Chocolate Day!

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Happy World Chocolate Day!

Since 2009 July 7th had been World Chocolate Day to help celebrate and recognize the anniversary of the day that chocolate was introduced to Europe in 1550. Fast forward to today and chocolate has become one of the most iconic and popular dessert and treats around the world. Whether it is used in baking, enjoyed as chocolate bar or as a drink chocolate is a popular choice when it comes to indulging in a treat.

Even though chocolate is a tasty treat it also has a range of health benefits. Chocolate contains antioxidants and also increases serotonin and dopamine levels which makes chocolate a great choice to enjoy when you need a little pick me up and to boost your mood.

Now, if you are looking for some chocolate to enjoy we have many different options to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences. From Milk Chocolate to Dark Chocolate nut to cream to caramels to dried fruits there is always something different to try and enjoy. We also have a variety of different chocolate fudges to enjoy ranging from chocolate cheesecake to orange chocolate swirl if fudge is your preferred treat of choice. We even have a selection of No Sugar added chocolates for those people that are diabetic. All of our chocolates and fudges are hand dipped and hand made by processes and recipes handed down through family generations for over 100 years.

We also carry Gourmet du Village’s range of flavoured Hot Chocolates that make a comforting drink on those cooler evenings.

Also dont forget it is Chocolate Covered Strawberry season so don’t forget to stop in and enjoy this popular summer treat before they are gone again for another year! They would be a great choice to enjoy for World Chocolate Day!

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