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Chocolate Covered Strawberries are Here 2017

Dipping StrawberriesIt’s finally time! Locally grown Ontario strawberries are now available to us for dipping in chocolate. Today is our first day to have these delectable treats in store.

Each morning the process begins – sorting and cleaning the day’s strawberries while our rich milk chocolate melts. When finished the chocolate completely envelops each delicious berry meaning they are best eaten the day they are dipped. We make a limited number each day, which are generally ready in the cabinet by noon. If you have a specific number you require let us know so enough can be ready.

It is too early to know how long or short the season will be. Unfortunately they weren’t ready in time for Father’s Day, but are ideal for teacher gifts plus end of school year parties. Don’t miss out on this once a year treat.

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Father’s Day Barbecue Anyone?!

Everyone is excited about Father’s Day weekend, the time of the year when you actually laugh at their jokes! But what’s Father’s Day without getting your dad something special? Not just a card, get him something memorable.

We have a variety of items that would make for a great barbecue, like Marie Sharp Hot Sauces to add a little kick to the festivities. And what dad wouldn’t want a new Stuffed Burger Press along with burger seasonings, grill rubs, and dip mixes from Gourmet Village? Don’t forget about some delicious lemonade or a refreshing iced tea made from our selection of  loose leaf or tea bag flavours from the Metropolitan Tea Company. And then there’s our coffee selection, packets and whole bean, a nice wake up call in the morning for your dad and can be made into a flavourful iced coffee as an excellent treat. None of these ideas work?  Provide dessert from our selection of chocolates, fudges, nuts and candies. Spell out D-A-D with our milk chocolate letters, or get a chocolate tie to commemorate the day.

All of these things ensure a memorable Father’s Day barbecue. Have a great Father’s Day!

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National Iced Tea Day

Did you know Saturday June 10th is celebrated annually as National Iced Tea Day? What a great time to pick up a new flavour to experiment with!

We have a fun selection of summery fruit flavoured black teas in either tea bags or loose leaf forms. A recipe is on our tea page. Are you a purist? No problem, there are plenty of options that way too. Green, white, chai, herbal plus herb and fruit options can be found here as well.

Be creative with your next cool drink.

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The Heat Is On…

With how cool and wet some of the weather has been in the last few months it is almost hard to believe we are experiencing hot and humid conditions. Next week is predicted to be a continued diet of warmth, just in time for multiple school track and field events as well as outdoor play days and year end trips. Take time to consume enough fluid to prevent dehydration. To change it up occasionally from water we have a few options.

The lemonade mixes introduced by Gourmet du Village have proven quite popular. Plain lemonade made with Meyer lemons – a sweeter fruit that is a cross between a lemon and mandarin orange – plus three different flavoured varieties continue to be available.

  • Lemonade
  • Cherry lemonade
  • Peach lemonade
  • Raspberry lemonade

They make wonderful additions to a gift basket as well as a tasty cool treat.

Iced teas are another option, and can be caffeinated or non-caffeinated. Each pouch of loose leaf Metropolitan Tea comes with an iced tea recipe on the back, which we also have on our tea page. While there is quite a selection of black, flavoured black and green teas in store there are also a number of non caffeine choices. Red teas are naturally without caffeine, as are the herbal teas plus fruit and herb tisanes. Decaffeinated black English Breakfast or Sencha Green teas are available too.

For those who love their coffee several options are available – flavoured or non flavoured – that can be used to make iced coffee. Our favourite recipe can be found on the coffee page, but for fun we have also experimented with a couple of quick options.


  • 1 1/4 cup (300 mL) cold coffee
  • 1/4 cup (50 mL) 5% cream
  • 1 – 2 tsp sugar, or to add taste

Enjoy as is, or punch up the cold factor by adding ice – crushed or cubed will work. Use different percentages of cream to suit your taste, or for something different use chocolate milk instead of cream.

Which is your favourite?

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Convocations and Graduations

We’ve reached that time in the month of June when students are being recognized for years of hard work. Let us help you celebrate these deserving graduates and all their accomplishments. We have a range of different keepsake gifts, from frames to figurines, bookmarks to banks, coffee cups to cuddly plush bears.

Of course there are also the edible options. In chocolate novelties we have the ever popular milk chocolate roses on a stick for $2.50 per rose, or a milk chocolate graduation cap on a stick priced at $3.25 each. If you are looking for something a little bit bigger we have our milk chocolate greeting cards priced at $9.95 each. One simply says ‘congratulations’, another says ‘congratulations’ with a small grad hat off to one side. Thinking bigger still? Spell out CONGRATULATIONS with our milk chocolate letters.

Are your graduates striking out on their own in the next phase of life? Why not choose a gift basket filled with good things to eat and drink? From the simple ‘meal in a bag’ option, through to ‘tea lovers’, and ‘comfort food deluxe’ there are a host of choices. Or we can customize to suit a particular taste.

Congratulations graduates!

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