Experiments Abound…

20180618_194825There is always lots of experimenting going on around All You Can Eat Chocolate Night each year. Ideas we’ve wanted to try but simply haven’t get pulled out and hopefully perfected. A peek at one of the options for this year’s chocolate nights is the white chocolate cheesecake bar with ribbons of caramel, milk and dark chocolate. A delicious taste combination that was well received on night one. Never a dull moment!

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Happy Father’s Day Weekend!

DADDo you have special plans with dad, grandpa or another man who’s been a great influence over the years? The nicer weather opens up a host of outdoor activities – swimming, boating, sporting events, a simple stroll.

Wherever you are enjoy celebrating the special men in your life over this weekend.

Burgers - straight onMarie Sharp's Hot Sauce fiveFajita:BBQ SaucesPerhaps a barbecue is planned. There are lots of fun ways to bring something extra to meal’s flavour profile.

Or the focus can shift to dessert. Chocolate covered strawberries come to mind… a happy arrival in time for this weekend. Savour the time together, as well as the treats.

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2018 Strawberry Season Has Begun

Chocolate Pool for StrawberryAfter a crazy winter which felt like it would never end, it’s finally strawberry season at our local farm – which means chocolate covered strawberries have begun. These delicious milk chocolate treats are hand dipped fresh each morning – sometimes several times throughout the day! The first batch has already gone but the second batch is getting underway.

If you are able to plan ahead and let us know, we hold your order aside for you. Dark chocolate strawberries available with enough notice.

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Need A Tie For Father’s Day?

DADDo you think dad already has too many ties? Why not get him a delicious milk chocolate version, complete with gummy cub tie pin? Father’s Day weekend is almost upon us, and dads definitely like chocolate too. But lots of other options are available to remember special men of influence in our lives, including wonderfully flavourful Marie Sharp’s hot sauces plus a variety of Gourmet du Village seasonings and sauces.

All You Can Eat Chocolate Night tickets also make a great gift for dad – a few are still available! Plus our famous milk chocolate strawberries will be available by lunch time tomorrow.

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Banana Cream Fudge

Banana Cream fudge frontHockey Playoff Fudge may be over, but fun fudge flavours flourish! Banana Cream is in the cabinet, ready to bring a summery look to any box of fudge. It makes a great treat during National Candy Month.

Marshmallow bananas are also back on the shelves. Another fun choice for summer weather.

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