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Coconut Cream Eggs Are Ready

As we approach Easter more special novelties are appearing on our shelves each day. The latest arrivals are our coconut cream eggs. The centres have been made, dipped in milk chocolate and hand decorated. They range in price from $3.79 to $5.59 a piece. Right on time since there are only 12 days until Easter.

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Last Two Days For 2015 Irish Potatoes

Time flies when harvesting potatoes. We’re into the last two days for this year’s crop of Irish potato candies. These coconut cream treats, hand rolled in a cinnamon mixture are flying out the door as quickly as they are dug up.

Milk chocolate shamrocks on a stick and leprechauns are also leaving quickly. Make sure to get yours while supplies last.

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St. Patrick’s Day 2015 Chocolate Novelties

In addition to our traditional hand made Irish potatoes we have a few milk chocolate novelties in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. Shamrocks on a stick and solid leprechauns add another tasty treat option.

Interested in some other possibilities? We have an assortment of loose leaf green teas, Irish Breakfast tea in both loose leaf and tea bag form, Irish Cream tea bags plus strawberry green tea bags. Irish cream coffee beans are another option.

An assortment of green or Irish themed giftware is also available. Come have some fun.

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First Harvest of 2015 Irish Potato Season

Now that March has blown in it is time for Irish potato season. These traditional hand made candies have a devoted following and have been eagerly anticipated by many over the last several blustery weeks.

Don’t know what an Irish potato is? It’s an old-fashioned candy made up of a coconut cream centre which is then rolled in a cinnamon mixture, creating a striking resemblance to a potato fresh from the ground. However we don’t recommend washing them before eating.

With the long history of candy makers in Guelph the popularity of these one a year treats in the city stretches back well before Candies of Merritt opened in 1972. Our first harvest of the year is in. There will be multiple harvests during the 2015 season until close on Tuesday March 17th.

It doesn’t matter whether you say po-TAY-to or po-TAH-to. Make sure to pick up this tasty treat before the season is done.

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2015 Easter Novelties Hopping Onto Shelves

It is one of those years that we start talking about Easter before St. Patrick’s Day. We will save St. Patrick’s Day until Monday when the Irish potatoes start.

The very beginning of our Easter novelties have made their way onto the shelves. Decorated milk chocolate bunnies are hopping in formation along with kittens, dogs and teddy bears to name a few. Also our first run of milk chocolate one piece Easter eggs with their vibrant icing flower decorations are showing their colours in the showcase.

In non-decorated flat novelties we have an assortments of milk chocolate bunnies, duckies and eggs in a range of prices. A few of these items are available in dark chocolate as well.

A wide assortment of Easter and spring candies are also here. Several different Easter arrangements have been made up and are ready to go. Come in early for best selection.

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