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National Coffee Day

September 29th is known as National Coffee Day. We carry George J. Howe coffees a company from Grove City, Pennsylvania who have being roasting since 1927. We have quite a few different flavour options available from just regular straight coffees to more fancy flavoured options like pumpkin spice. Coffee is available in either whole beans which can be ground if needed priced at $14.95 a pound or in individual pre-measured 10 cup packages priced at $1.99 each. As the days and nights get cooler a nice cup of coffee is a good way to warm up.

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Pumpkin Pie Fudge is Here!

Pumpkin Pie Fudge

Pumpkin Pie Fudge

At last the long awaited pumpkin pie fudge has made its way into our showcase. Whether you want just a taste or much larger quantity we are ready to help. Need some shipped? No problem, we are used to sending it all over the place. It’s a taste sensation people from all over look forward to yet is only available for a short season.

Pumpkin Pie fudge will only be available until October 31st so come in and get your piece today!

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National White Chocolate Day.

According to the RCI Calendar September 13th is known as National White Chocolate Day. Here at Candies  of Merritt we have a few different options for those who like white chocolate. All in bar form we have White Almond Bar, Plain White Bar, White Pretzel Bar and, White Gummy Bear Bar. All chocolate is priced at $5.94 for 100g or $26.95 a pound.

Also, for those cooler fall nights we have white chocolate truffle hot chocolate from Gourmet  du Village among a wide range of other flavours. These are priced at $1.29 each or 10 for $11.50.

Come in today and get a little treat!

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Fudge of the Month – Fall Fruit Medley

Fall Fruit Medley Fudge

Fall Fruit Medley Fudge

Fall Fruit Medley is our fudge of the month for September. This bright and colourful fudge combines a host of tasty fruit flavours from the bountiful harvest of the season. Come on in and ask for a taste today!

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September 13th is International Chocolate Day

September 13th is referred to as International Chocolate Day according to the Retail Confectioners International Calendar. We have a variety of chocolates to choose from. We have a selection of cream centres as well as caramels and an assortment of different clusters from nuts to dried fruits. We also have No Sugar Added Chocolates, sweetened with Maltitol, for diabetics so they don’t have to miss out.

Are you more of a fudge person? In store we have many flavours of chocolate based fudges to satisfy your chocolate cravings. Choose from traditional flavours such as Chocolate, Rocky Road and, Chocolate Pecan or you can be more adventurous and choose from our Triple Chocolate or from one of our chocolate swirls.

In coffee we have Bavarian Chocolate, Café Frangelica and Chocolate Raspberry which make great iced coffees as well as the traditional hot coffee. We also have a wide selection of Gourmet du Village Hot Chocolates.

Come in today and treat yourself to something sweet!

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