July Is National Grilling Month

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Fajita:BBQ Sauces ShelfAppropriate with the extremely warm weather in this part of Canada for July to be known as National Grilling Month. Cooking on a barbecue – hopefully set up in the shade – is a much nicer option than heating up the house with the stove, when indoors already feels like an oven. Have fun experimenting with some of the many Gourmet du Village seasoning mixes, marinades, and rubs, along with Marie Sharp’s delicious hot sauces which are available in store.

Hot Sauce Mild ShelfIt is also worth noting our local Ontario strawberry season is drawing to a close faster than we had hoped, thanks to the high temperatures. So we may have chocolate covered strawberries early in the week, but that will be the end for 2018. We’ll simply have to wait until next year.

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