Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

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With temperatures set to climb into the 40s with humidex again today consuming enough fluid is essential. While iced coffees and iced teas are great options, for those hunting for caffeine-free choices lemonades work very well.

Gourmet du Village offers a traditional lemonade from Meyer lemons, along with three variations – cherry, peach or raspberry. They make wonderful additions to picnics, backyard parties, cottaging and camping as well as being going for hydration on warm days. Today is definitely a good time to serve it with lots of ice!

If iced teas are desired for beating the heat there are a number of non-caffeinated options. Rooibos (red) teas naturally have no caffeine. We offer Bourbon Street Vanilla, Creme au Caramel or Provence. Herbal teas – Peppermint Willamette or Egyptian Camomile – or herb and fruit tisanes – Angel Falls Mist, Bella Coola, Cranberry Apple, Okanagan Apple Spice or Wilderness Beary Berry – also fit the bill. So do decaffeinated Black English Breakfast or Green Sencha Kyushu teas.

Do your best to stay cool!


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