Happy Halloween!

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Chocolate sticksAre you ready for all the little trick-or-treaters? Tonight the streets will be filled with eager children and their guides as they flit from house to house.

Do you have some extra special little (or not so little) ones who knock on your door? We have fun options ready to go. Milk chocolate cats, ghosts, owls and pumpkins on a stick are ready. Jack-o-lantern faces are decorated with candy. Gummy pumpkins burst with flavour. Why not combine treats to eat with something to keep?

For those with special dietary needs we have options. Our chocolate novelties are gluten free. Also gluten free and dairy free are gummy pumpkins and peach rings. Try our dark chocolate pumpkins on a stick, which contain no milk. Is there a diabetic trick-or-treater in your life? Milk chocolate no sugar added pumpkins on a stick are available. So to are packages of Eda’s no sugar added hard candies ready to go. Or put some no sugar candy together with a keepsake.

Thanksgiving fudgeHalloween marks the end of October, which means pumpkin pie fudge season is ending. It’s been a delicious harvest, but the fields are now bare. So be sure to pick some up before it disappears for another year.

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