National Puzzle Day

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Colourful Yarn – 500 Pieces – $23.95

Happy National Puzzle Day.

Just in from Springbok we have a selection of new puzzles to help pass the time on these cooler winter evenings. Each Springbok puzzle is made from a 18% thicker chipboard making the puzzles more durable. Over the past year there has been a surge in the popularity of puzzles as everyone finds a way to the pass the time. When we started carrying Springbok we started with less than 10 styles but that has now grown to over thirty. It is always exciting when a puzzle shipment arrives and we get to see which ones have come in.

A few favourites of everyone here at Candies of Merritt are: Eiffel Magic, What’s on TV, Colourful Yarn and, Retro Refreshments.

Available in a selection of styles in either 500 or 1000 piece count you can check out our selection of puzzles here.

What’s on TV – 1000 Pieces – $28.95

Eiffel Magic – 1000 Pieces – $28.95

Retro Refreshments – 1000 Pieces – $28.95

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