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Once a year in time for Valentine’s Day we make truffles. This three day process starts with fresh cream and lots of chocolate. The centres are carefully blended into one of five flavours, then rolled by hand into little balls. Each one is then hand dipped in chocolate. With so much fresh cream involved and no preservatives once a centre is encased in chocolate the shelf life is only ten days – not something found to be a problem by the lucky recipients.

Customers chose from five flavours, dipped in either milk or dark chocolate.

  • chocolate
  • mint
  • amaretto
  • orange
  • raspberry

Truffles for Valentine’s 2019 were available in varying quantities.

  • Bow Box of 2 Truffles
  • Loose Pack Box of 6
  • Square Box of 14
  • Foil Rose Heart Box 0f 12
  • Square Box of 25

Note:  Throughout the year full batch orders (roughly 300 truffles) are possible for weddings or other special occasions.  Contact us for more details.