A selection of coffees from George J. Howe Company in Grove City, Pennsylvania, roasters since 1927, can be purchased in either 10 cup pre-measured packages or whole beans in any quantity.


We are pleased to offer a variety black, green and rooibos, plus fruit and herbal teas from The Metropolitan Tea Company. This company is known for its high quality and unique tea blends, including Canadian Breakfast Blend, Buckingham Palace Garden Party, and Crème au Caramel Rooibos to name just a few.

Hot Chocolate

Not a fan of tea or coffee? Not to worry. Gourmet du Village provides an exceptional line of hot chocolates to enjoy. From plain chocolate to S’mores, Irish Cream and, Salted Caramel there is something to suit everyone.

Gourmet Foods

Maple Sugar, Maple Syrup

Need a sweet treat to represent Canada which isn’t chocolate? Maple syrup, maple sugar candies or hard maple candies from Maple Orchard Farms of Bracebridge might just fill the bill. Both the hard candy and maple sugar pieces are shaped as a maple leaf.

  • 5 piece maple sugar gift box – $7.75
  • 10 piece maple sugar gift box – $11.95
  • 20 piece maple sugar gift box – $19.95
  • 25 piece maple syrup hard candies – $7.99
  • 100 mL maple syrup jug – $4.50
  • 250 mL maple syrup jug – $8.50

Gourmet du Village – To add flavour to your meal we carry a number of dip mixes, seasonings and rubs from Gourmet du Village. Entertaining soon? Consider their brie toppings, cheese balls mixes or savoury dips. For an added twist try out some of their lemonade or coloured salts. Delicious!

Italian Gourmet Foods

As candy makers who still specialize in old-fashioned, traditional methods – such as hand dipping small batches of chocolate on marble tables – we appreciate other products who are made with a similar approach. Quality and flavour are essential.

The introduction of SNOB confetti almonds by the Confetti Crispo company of Italy has been met with such a positive response we have been on the lookout for other product of Italy food items of this caliber. We are pleased to have some new gourmet food offerings that reach this level of quality.

We now carry a line of artisan pastas which are made with old-fashioned methods – slow extrusion through bronze dies and air drying to preserve both nutrients and taste. These traditional methods also permit the creation of some very interesting pasta shapes.

Pair one of these pastas with a pesto or pasta sauce. We have three different offerings which are all gluten free and GMO free. In this day and age of increased desire to get back to natural food choices these are features we are very pleased to offer.

Jams are sometimes filled with mainly sugar and very little fruit. Our new Gigi brand jams are 80% fruit. Choose from peach, strawberry, raspberry or wild berry. We also have bomba – a spicy Italian spread. If you like it hot, try this.

Organic balsamic vinegar rounds out our gourmet foods from Italy options.

Need a hostess gift? Something for a bridal shower, wedding, anniversary, thank you, birthday, retirement… the list goes on and on. We have gift baskets made up incorporating some of these new products. Or you can customize your own in either gift basket or bag form.

Gourmet Food & Drinks

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