L0300 Riverview 45.00 Shropshire
L3517 Winter Last In Line 53.00 Shropshire
L2395 Little Scrumpy (CC 2001/02) 70.00 Somerset
L2957 Postman’s Knock 75.00 Somerset
L0696 Spring Gate Cottage 150.00 Somerset
L0613 Wheyside Cottage 55.00 Somerset
L2932 Sugar Mouse (CC 2006/07) 68.00 Suffolk
L0866 Wash Day (CC 1996/97) 70.00 Suffolk
L3010 Gate Keepers Lodge 70.00 Surrey
L2204 Witley 160.00 Surrey
L2202 Midhurst 160.00 Sussex
L0182 Saxon Cottage 250.00 Sussex



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