L2809 Hockley Lodge 100.00 Essex
L2329 Home Is Where the Heart Is 70.00 Essex
L2837 New Home 55.00 Essex
L2865 Pargeter’s Cottage 90.00 Essex
L3283 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 35.00 Essex
L0617 Bow Cottage 200.00 Gloucestershire
L2184  Campden Cot 60.00 Gloucestershire
L2907 Eagle House Folly 40.00 Gloucestershire
L3100 Frog Hall 130.00 Gloucestershire
L2527 Goosey Goosey Gander 75.00 Gloucestershire
L0622 Greengrocers, The 130.00 Gloucestershire
L0624 Hollytree House 50.00 Gloucestershire
L2170 Millennium Gate, The 800.00 Gloucestershire
L2712 Sowing the Seeds (CC 2004/05) 180.00 Gloucestershire

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