L3497 Christmas at Mol’s 96.00 Devon
L0302 Clover Cottage 45.00 Devon
L2091 Devon Leigh 140.00 Devon
L2953 Old Tom’s Timeless Tavern 55.00 Devon
L0412 Otter Reach 45.00 Devon
L2064 Out Of The Storm 1,300.00 Devon
L2123 Pottery, The (CC1998/99) 200.00 Devon
L2628 Snow Flake 35.00 Devon
L3727 The Hop Pickers 69.00 Devon
L2491 Away From Home 95.00 Dorset
L2831 Cabbage Patch Corner (CC 2005/06) 68.00 Dorset
L2785 Hardy’s Cottage 75.00 Dorset
L2090 Lilac Lodge 100.00 Dorset
L2113 Mangerton Mill 300.00 Dorset
L2843 The Manor Garden (CC2005/06) 200.00 Dorset

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