L2047 Halcyon Days 200.00 Cambridgeshire
L2951 Ye Olde Jug 90.00 Cambridgeshire
L3256 The Donkey Stable 100.00 Cheshire
L2878 WOM 45.00 Cheshire
L0694 Creel Cottage 55.00 Cornwall
L3293 Old Life Boat Station 53.00 Cornwall
L2490 Appleby Fair 420.00 Cumbria
L2615 Founder’s Dream Garden 390.00 Cumbria
L2587 Happy 21st Birthday (CC 2003) 150.00 Cumbria
L3082 Hazelnut Hall (CC 2008/09) 200.00 Cumbria
L2601 Pillar Cottage 60.00 Cumbria
L0181 Rydal View 250.00 Cumbria

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