L2398 Christmas Pudding 55.00 Avon
L0354 Double Cottage 220.00 Avon
L2509 Come Rain Or Shine 130.00 Bedfordshire
L3406 Parsley Cottage (CC 2012) 57.50 Bedfordshire
L2508 The Hops House 70.00 Bedfordshire
L3012 The Kissing Gate 90.00 Bedfordshire
L3407 Sage Cottage (CC 2012) 75.00 Berkshire
L3052 We Wish You a Merry Christmas 360.00 Berkshire
L2585 The Chocolate Box (CC) 95.00 Birmingham
L2203 Chalfont St Giles 180.00 Buckinghamshire
L3038 Hollyhocks 75.00 Buckinghamshire
L0737 Leagrave Cottage 95.00 Buckinghamshire
L2059 Summer Days 200.00 Buckinghamshire
L3249 Temple of the 4 Winds 50.00 Buckinghamshire
L3321 Yuletide Feast 87.50 Buckinghamshire

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