L2865 Pargeter’s Cottage 90.00 Essex
L3406 Parsley Cottage (CC 2012) 57.50 Bedfordshire
L2194 Peaceful Pastimes 140.00 Secret Gardens
L2241 Pen Pals 250.00 Herefordshire
L3384 Perfect Christmas 40.00 Isle of Wight
L2601 Pillar Cottage 60.00 Cumbria
L2058 Poppies, The 65.00 Worcestershire
L2957 Postman’s Knock 75.00 Somerset
L2123 Pottery, The (CC 1998/99) 200.00 Devon
L2828 Pull’s Ferry 350.00 Norwich
L0300 Riverview 45.00 Shropshire
LL3408 Rosemary Cottage (CC 2012) 85.00 Hampshire
L0181 Rydal View 250.00 Cumbria

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