From Goofy to Mickey, Cruella to Tinkerbell, the partnership between Jim Shore and Disney has delighted fans everywhere. Have you found your favourite?

4011041 Tinker Bell Jingle 50.00
4016568 Let the Season Ring  (Tinker Bell) 47.00
4011753 Demure and Sweet (Princess Minnie) 29.00
4020809 Muppet Show Displayer 60.00
4023537 Pixie Treasure (Tinker Bell Stocking Holder) 50.00
4031471 Best Coach (Coach Donald) 26.50
4038489 Diva Word Plaque (Cruella DeVille) 35.00
4039079 Sisters Forever (Anna and Elsa) 74.50
4057931 Stocking Stuffer (Tinker Bell) 63.00
4057936 Comfort And Joy(Minnie in Pajamas) 34.00

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