Springbok Puzzles are Here!

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New at Candies of Merritt we now carry Springbok Puzzles. Springbok puzzles have been made in the USA for over fifty years. Each piece is a unique shape and they use 18% thicker chipboard than the average puzzle. Puzzles are printed on 100% recycled material and are printed using vegetable and soy based inks.

We carry a range of different styles available in 400, 500 and, 1000 piece counts. Check out all the different styles available on our Springbok Puzzle page.



We also have available 36 piece puzzles which are designed for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. These puzzles feature nostalgic images and large pieces so they are easier to pick up and handle. Unlike active mind puzzles and word games, jigsaw puzzles encourage the use of motor skills while stimulating multiple areas of the brain at once.

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