Barbecue Gift Assortments

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As the warm weather has arrived and with Father’s Day fast approaching, we have put together a selection of gourmet food product to help add some more variety to your summer meals.  Each set has been put together to suit different tastes.

  • Spicy Assortment, for those who enjoy the added heat
  • BBQ Assortment, seasonings for some of the most popular BBQ recipes
  • Taco Assortment, some of the most popular flavours of Latin America cuisine
  • Chicken Assortment, a selection of seasonings that work well with chicken

Each assortment comes with a selection of three Gourmet du Village recipe cards and a bottle of Marie sharp’s hot sauce. Each recipe card comes with recipes and suggestions of how to use them so the possibilities are endless.

Priced at $19.95 these assortments are sure to make a great gift for any food enthusiast!

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