National Creativity Day

20180530_092847Hot chocolate. Not something you think about on hot and humid days, unless you are planning to sip some around a campfire later in the evening. But since it is National Creativity Day, we’ve been playing with ways to utilize our delicious Gourmet du Village hot chocolate mixes in a cold drink.

Iced hot chocolate – there are many ways to make it. An interesting twist though is to first make ice cubes from hot chocolate, then use them with a flavoured hot chocolate mix to make an iced version. As the ice melts it adds more flavour rather than diluting it. Or for another creative option use chocolate iced cubes when making iced coffee.

What are you doing on National Creativity Day?

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Picnic Time…

Picnic BasketHey Boo Boo, let’s go get us a pic-a-nic basket.

It is certainly the weather for outdoor activities, accompanied by picnics of course. Sweet, savoury or a combination of the two… baskets can be made up big or small. They also make great gifts for a hostess, a thank you to end the season or school year, birthdays or other occasions. Have fun choosing your pic-a-nic basket.

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National Burger Day

Burger Shelf 3Fajita:BBQ SaucesWho’s ready for National Burger Day? It’s time to fire up the grill. Standard burgers can be kicked up a notch with gourmet mustards and sauces, or special salts, peppers and seasoning mixes can be incorporated in as the patties are formed. A burger press is available to get extra fancy with.

So many possibilities to enjoy today.

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Iced Tea Anyone?

Hot and Iced Teas in Pot and PitcherContinue to stay refreshed this weekend with iced teas. We have a nice variety of fruit and herb tisanes or rooibos teas, all without caffeine. A decaffeinated green or black tea is also an option. If a caffeinated tea is your choice we have all sorts of fruit flavoured black teas as options.

Fruit teasFeeling adventurous? You can make a simple sugar syrup with teas for drizzling on ice cream, pancakes or to mix in with other drinks. The fruit based teas are spectacular for this twist.

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National Heat Awareness Day

Lemonades framed by Pitcher and GlassIt feels like we have moved from winter straight into summer. With warmer temperatures again today it is quite fitting that May 25th is National Heat Awareness Day. It is a timely reminder to stay hydrated through the summer season.

If searching for non-caffeinated options to drink, Gourmet du Village has four different lemonades available – traditional made from Meyer lemons, or with the added twist of cherry, peach or raspberry flavour. Other options are apple or cranberry cider mixes, also from Gourmet du Village, plus a host of choices from Metropolitan Tea Company to make up iced teas. Decaffeinated House Blend or Sneek-A-Diddle coffee makes up into lovely iced coffees as well.

If a bit of caffeine is desired there are many more tea and coffee flavours to choose from, including a brand new Chocolate Cherry coffee from George J. Howe Company. Whatever you choose, stay refreshed!

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