No Sugar Added Chocolate

Sweetened with maltitol – a natural sweetener most commonly derived from corn – our no sugar added chocolates allow those who are on sugar restricted diets to enjoy a special treat.

  • Peanut clusters
  • Almond clusters
  • Hazelnut clusters
  • Pecan clusters
  • Raisin clusters
  • Coconut clusters
  • Dried apricots
  • Dried plums
  • Solid shapes
  • Plain bar
  • Mint bar
  • Orange bar

Priced at $34.95 per pound, purchase whatever amount you fancy in a bag – though we don’t sell less than one chocolate.  For a gift presentation chocolates are loosely set into half pound, one pound or pound and a half showcase boxes.

Need a gift presented in a little bit fancier manner?  Choose from two different size boxes.

  • small gold bow box, 2 chocolates – $4.95
  • large gold bow box, 1/4 pound, 7-9 chocolates – $10.50

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