Our Chocolates

Our chocolates are hand dipped with care in milk or dark chocolate.  However certain centres lend themselves best to only one type of chocolate or the other.

We also have a selection of no sugar added chocolates for those whose sugar intake must be restricted – primarily diabetics.

All chocolates price at $32.95 a pound.

Chocolates from our showcases are loosely set in food safe bags or boxes.  Need a fancier presentation?  We also offer some specialty gift pack boxes.

  • 200 gram gift pack – 12 assorted chocolates – $16.95
  • 400 gram gift pack – 24 assorted chocolates – $32.95
  • 800 gram gift pack – 48 assorted chocolates – $62.95

The three sizes of gift pack boxes are pre-packed in a flat layer, filled with a mix of our most popular creamsnuts, fruit and chewy centres, equally mixed between milk and dark chocolate.

For a fancier presentation of a small quantity of chocolate we offer two sizes of gold bow boxes.

  • small gold bow box – 2 chocolates – $4.50
  • large (1/4 pound) gold bow box – 5 to 7 chocolates – $9.95
  • wedding favours – see below

This style of fancier packaging is also available for no sugar added chocolates.

Cavity trays limit the types of chocolates which can fit in the 200 gram, 400 gram, and 800 gram gift boxes, so these assortments of our most popular chocolates will not include things like chocolate plain or flavoured bar, peppermint patties, or cinnamon sticks.  A similar challenge applies with the 2 chocolate gold bow box.  The 1/4 pound gold bow box is somewhat more forgiving.

For weddings or other special occasions, bow boxes containing 2 chocolates of your choice can be custom printed.  Choose from a variety of box colours, metallic print colours, fonts and graphics to fit the theme of your special day.  Minimum order of 50 boxes required.  Pricing is $4.50 per box.


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