Confetti Almonds and Marzipan

The most requested product for weddings and other special occasions (outside of our hand made chocolates) is confetti almonds. We carry a wide variety of colours and flavours.

Traditional confetti almonds, priced per pound:

  • Pink - $6.49
  • Blue - $6.49
  • White – $6.49 – out of stock
  • Silver - $15.99
  • Amorini – $6.99

We are pleased to offer SNOB confetti almonds, imported from the Confetti Crispo Company in Italy. These roasted, candy-coated almonds come covered in a range of delicious flavours.

SNOB Confetti Crispo - 500g box, $14.95 each

  • Assorted - see below
  • Cappuccino - White Chocolate and Cappuccino
  • Giandula -  Chocolate Hazelnut
  • Lemon - White Chocolate and Lemon
  • Pistachio - White Chocolate and Pistachios
  • Ricotta & Pera - White Chocolate, Ricotta Cheese and Pears

New for us is a 500 g box of assorted flavours, at $14.95 each. Instead of white candy shells these confetti almonds have different coloured coatings. Each box contains six flavours – cappuccino, coconut, lemon, orange, ricotta-pear and strawberry – mixed with white chocolate.

SNOB Confetti also come in pink hexagon shaped boxes, which blossom out into a lovely dish of individually wrapped pink confettis flavoured with white and dark chocolate. Priced at $16.95 for a 500g box, these make excellent centerpieces for christenings, baptisms, confirmation, communion or baby shower celebrations.

White hexagon shaped boxes of individually wrapped SNOB confettis. Like with the pink boxes mentioned above, each one opens into a dish filled with white confettis. The novelty is the assortment of flavours found inside. Each individually wrapped piece is one of eight possibilities - cocco (coconut), limone (lemon), fragola (strawberry), arancio (orange), ricotta & pera (ricotta & pear), cappuccino, zuppa inglese (a custard/sponge cake dessert) or cioccolato al latte (milk chocolate). These too price at $16.95 for a 500 gram box.

Bergen Marzipan

For fans of this sweet treat, Bergen makes a fantastic marzipan. Their almond paste comes in realistic fruit shapes. At this time of year we also have fun marzipan pigs.

  • Assorted large fruit, 5 piece basket – $6.95
  • Large fruits – $3.50
  • Pigs – $3.50

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