Treats For Thanksgiving Tables

Is anyone still looking for treats for Thanksgiving tables this weekend? How about some delicious gummy pumpkins? Each bag contains three tasty flavours – lemon, orange and wild cherry – and have the added bonus of being gluten free. Other seasonal coloured gummy candy options are available including, peach rings, cherry rings and creamsicle gummy bears, also gluten free. It’s easy to spice up the colour palette of any table.

Thinking about chocolate? Pumpkins and turkeys on a stick are ready to go, or larger faced jack-o-lanterns decorated with candy faces. Choose an assortment of chocolates as a dessert, or instead of chocolates opt for a box of fudge. Be sure to include our famous pumpkin pie fudge, only available until October 31st.

What is your favourite addition to a Thanksgiving table?

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