Father’s Day Barbecue Anyone?!

Everyone is excited about Father’s Day weekend, the time of the year when you actually laugh at their jokes! But what’s Father’s Day without getting your dad something special? Not just a card, get him something memorable.

We have a variety of items that would make for a great barbecue, like Marie Sharp Hot Sauces to add a little kick to the festivities. And what dad wouldn’t want a new Stuffed Burger Press along with burger seasonings, grill rubs, and dip mixes from Gourmet Village? Don’t forget about some delicious lemonade or a refreshing iced tea made from our selection of  loose leaf or tea bag flavours from the Metropolitan Tea Company. And then there’s our coffee selection, packets and whole bean, a nice wake up call in the morning for your dad and can be made into a flavourful iced coffee as an excellent treat. None of these ideas work?  Provide dessert from our selection of chocolates, fudges, nuts and candies. Spell out D-A-D with our milk chocolate letters, or get a chocolate tie to commemorate the day.

All of these things ensure a memorable Father’s Day barbecue. Have a great Father’s Day!

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